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Olie the Olive in... Tales from the Purple Fridge



The Purple Fridge is a magical place where your food comes to life and there's fun and adventure on every shelf.

The Purple Fridge has gone warm. Olie the Olive and his friends Sweet Sheri, the Little Red Cherry and Stinky Bryce, the Big Cheese Slice set out to fix the problem and stop all the food from spoiling.  The three set off on a journey through the lands of the Purple Fridge and engage other fun and interesting inhabitants along the way. They discover that Igor, the Apple Core had turned up the heat so that everyone in the Purple Fridge would become rotten like him and he would no longer look different and feel like an outcast.

Come join Olie the Olive and his friends on their quest to save the Purple Fridge from total Meltdown.

The "Know-Who's-Next" Feature

This exciting book feature allows for more fun and interaction while reading Tales from the Purple Fridge.  It reads like the script of a play by placing small character icons ahead of a character's spoken line.  This feature opens the door for many fun reading ideas and here are some examples:

1)  A parent or teacher reading to their kids can make up funny voices for each character while reading the book, as they will "Know-Who's-Next" before reading the line.

2)  A good way for parents to read with their kids by letting them choose their favorite character(s) to read out loud while enjoying Tales from the Purple Fridge together.  Everyone will "Know-Who's-Next" by seeing the character icons.  A fun and interactive way for kids to learn and practice reading by pretending to be their favorite characters.

(HINT:  Olie the Olive has the most lines!)

3)  Kids can get together to perform short skits and act out their favorite scenes from Tales from the Purple Fridge.  Simply choose characters, pick a scene and bring it all to life!  Either in front of their class at school or at home to entertain the Grandparents!

The possibilities really are endless when you "Know-Who's-Next!"


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