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Olie the Olive was amazing.  I enjoyed how they went from place to place and met all the other characters.  Igor the Apple Core was my favorite character because he was up to no good and my Mom says I'm like him sometimes.  My favorite parts of the book was when the bottles and cans of pop burped in Fizzy Pop Forest and when Stinky looked like he got hit with a booger.  I would recommend reading this book.

- Nathan B - 8 years old - Toronto, Ont

My Mommy reads Meltdown with me before bed.  I love all the pictures and reading this book was very good.  I like when Sweet Sheri talks.  She is my favorite character and I have a pink purse like her.  I even like coloring the pages I got from the website.  I colored all of them.  This book is really fun.

- Amanda L - 6 years old - Toronto, Ont 

My Grandma read me the book when I went to sleep over at her house.  It was a surprise for me.  I liked how they called the cheese "Stinky".  I liked Stinky the best.  The pictures were really cool.  I liked the story a lot.  My Grandma liked reading the book too.

- Stephen C - 5 years old - Los Angeles, CA

I like when my dad reads Olie the Olive to me because he makes funny voices.  My favorite character in the book is Igor the Apple Core because I think he's funny even though he's the bad guy.  My favorite part of the book is when Stinky gets hit with a pea that looks like a booger.  It was funny.  I really like this book.

- Michael S - 5 years old - Georgetown, Ont

I love this book.  I really like Sweet Sheri the Little Red Cherry because she's a girl and she wears pink.  I think she is pretty.  I really like when she tricks Igor the Apple Core so they could get out of the Land of Leftovers.  I like that I can read this book by myself now too.  I like to read.  I think all kids in grade 2 should read it.

- Nikki S - 7 years old - Toronto, Ont.

I think this book has been very well written by Ben Winestone. One reason is that the pictures have been drawn very well and have many small details. The pictures inspired me to keep reading the book and not put it down and walk away. Also the author used many creative names for the characters of the book that made it seem alive. I also liked how he made the 3 main characters go on a quest but have obstacles in between it. Another reason I like this book is because it involves friendship. It has people (food) making friends and some already being good friends. I think children any age should read it.

 - Michael R - 8 years old - PS 199 - New York., NY.