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Molly Shannon - Actress/Children's Book Author


"I love this book. Ben has written a FUN story that's important for both KIDS and PARENTS to read. I like it because it will help kids relate to food through some very creative characters. Thank you Ben for this joyous journey through the Purple Fridge and its inhabitants."

Mariel Hemingway - Actress/Author – Healthy Living Advocate


"It's great to find a book that teaches important life lessons and when you add the element of adventure, kids love it. Olie the Olive in Tales of the Purple Fridge has it all ... Imaginative art, wonderful lessons and a gripping adventure through all the entertaining lands in the fridge.  Best of all, parents and grandparents will laugh throughout as they read the play-on-words throughout this fun read."

 Pat Burns - Cofounder/Executive Director Orange County Children's Book Festival
In association with Orange Coast College


"Tales From the Purple Fridge – Meltdown, is the perfect mix of fun and adventure that captivates the imagination of children, while teaching them a great lesson.  On top of the fantastic book, I can see this becoming a great brand with toys and games that impact an entire generation in a positive way.  This is a great beginning of a terrific children's brand."

 Peter Gantner - Toy Marketer & Inventor (POGS - Crazy Bones - Freaky Flickers)